Monday, June 29, 2009

Custom Oriel Pendants

My friend and dance instructor Doree Clark (check out Stage Dor) commissioned me to make a custom oriel pendant with her poodle companion Jo Jo on the front, and a jazz dancer on the back. This was difficult only in that Jo Jo is all black, including her eyes, so it is the rare photo in which you can see Jo Jo's eyes and especially her pink tongue! This was a picture of her as a puppy when Doree's husband Paul surprised her with this little bundle of joy. And that is exactly what Jo Jo is to Doree -- JOY. Pink is Doree's favorite color, and so I included the pink flower background and the little dried one. The back is a photo from the film Chicago! featuring Rene Zellweger in a quintessential jazz lift, with a touch of burlesque thrown in to boot; lace ribbon, miniature pink stars, pale rose German glass glitter, and a dangle of pale pink freshwater pearls and Swavorski crystal beads finished the piece.

If you want a custom oriel pendant, just visit my Etsy Kentucky Girl Shop or email me!

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