Monday, December 28, 2015

My Journaling Challenge to Kiala Givehand for Day 28 of The Journey within Blog Hop

Altered Book: "ABs as a Way of Seeing Course Syllabus"
 I use images of pathways when I am journaling or working in my altered books. In fact I created an entire altered book course called "Altered Books as a Way of Seeing" using portals -- windows, doorways, gates, paths, stairs -- as a way to see your world, your interests, your passions, your dreams.

Paths have always beckoned to me -- whether it be a woodland path, a deer trail meandering through the trees, a freshly mowed swath of grass, a bricked garden path, or stone pavers around the corner of a house. Paths speak of new beginnings, old familiar routes, unexplored territories and well-traveled ones.

Today I challenge Kiala Givehand in The Journey Within Blog Hop to create in her journal a path, either on one spread -- or across several page spreads -- and to use the path as a journal prompt: Where am I going on this path? What is at the end of this path? How do I feel  as I travel it? What are the physical sensations that accompany me as I walk this path? What magic will I come across that will enchant me? 

Kiala could add an image or two to her journal pages and then journal around them. Or she could create a story that is sparked by these images.  Or Kiala could build an accordion fold into one of her journal spreads that is created by connecting several photos of a path that elongates across the length of the accordion fold -- and then journal about the steps she would take along this path.

I look forward to seeing what Kiala does with my challenge in The Journey Within Blog Hop! You can read about what she creates on her blog:

And it's not too late to  register for Kiala's free seat to The Journey Within year-long art journaling class. I'm going to be one of the guest instructors (September 2016 YAY!) but it's going to have so many cool art journaling techniques from so many great instructors that I'm going to participate in the monthly tutorials as well!

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